Currently 09-30-16

Currently 09-30-16

What are you all about currently?

Loving, not loving as much, eating, listening to, wearing, wanting, watching, reading, obsessed with, inspired by, current mood and favorite thing this week.

I’m currently answering these Q’s. Answer these same questions about yourself in the comments below.


That I’ve been making this Easy Oat & Chia Bread again – one of my fave recipes ever!


Not loving as much?

That I always end up sitting at my laptop for so long every day. Editing videos for my YouTube channel takes a lot of time – but I still love it.



Salad wraps every day for lunch – either with smoked chicken or hummus. I’ve also been having frozen orange slices as a cheeky snack – so amazing!


Listening to?

Old school Fergie (Big Girl’s Don’t Cry + Glamorous), Fifth Harmony (their new 7/27 album) and also Hailee Steinfeld (Starving + Love Myself) – all of it on repeat all week long. Haha!

Check out this months workout playlist to see what I’ve been all about music wise.



My black Nikes with everything (LOL) + my black D&G sunnies when I’m out!


Wanting to eat these raw chocolate truffle balls every minute of the day – they’re totally healthy, so why not!



Modern Family – I’m only on season 5, so I’m trying to get caught up! I’ve also been watching my own video footage for YouTube, as I’m busy editing!


Influence by Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen – one of my fave books ever!


Obsessed with?

Body brushing (for cellulite and circulation), and my current butt & thigh workout!

Inspired by?

Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen – forever and always.


Current Mood?


Favourite thing this week?

Meditating for 5 minutes (when I wake up) in the morning – it’s nothing fancy, I just spend 5 minutes giving thanks for all of the good things in my life. I try to make an effort to focus on the positive instead of the negative (I’m not perfect though!). Meditating always puts my mind in a good place for the day ahead. AND – I love to drink green tea with mint while I meditate!


What are you all about currently?

Answer these same questions about yourself in the comments below.

Liezl Jayne xo

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