Currently 11-30-16

Currently 11-30-16

What are you all about currently?

Loving, not loving as much, eating, listening to, wearing, wanting, watching, reading, obsessed with, inspired by, current mood and favorite thing this week.

I’m currently answering these Q’s. Answer these same questions about yourself in the comments below.


That it’s my birthday month! I made these healthy 4 ingredient flourless brownies to celebrate!


Not loving as much?

How many hours I work each day – but I’ll be on holiday soon (in 3 weeks!!)


My easy one-pot tomato & mushroom gluten-free pasta – my fave healthy comfort food! I made it for dinner in my latest “What I eat in a day to lose weight” video.


Listening to?

Ariana Grande all day long – seriously, I can never get enough.

Check out this months workout playlist to see what I’ve been all about music wise.



Starting to wear dresses again, as it’s now Spring in South Africa – which is where I currently am.


One of my 3 ingredient healthy PB cookies right now – They’re the best!!!



Clueless – again! I’m so obsessed!



The Longevity Book by Cameron Diaz

Obsessed with?

My current 10 minute intense abs workout routine – it’s a total life saver! I recently shared my 10 minute routine over on my YouTube Channel.

Inspired by?

Selena Gomez – she is so real, genuine and awesome.


Current Mood?

A little bit anxious, but also excited!

Favourite thing this week?

That it was my birthday!!! Also, filming my latest video on my Youtube channel where I made my healthy 4 ingredient brownies.


What are you all about currently?

Answer these same questions about yourself in the comments below.

Liezl Jayne xo

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