The 8 Best Foods to Ease IBS

The 8 Best Foods to Ease IBS


In this post, I’m going to show you which 8 foods can be the best to eat if you suffer from IBS. I’m also going to share my special soup recipe – which is the best recipe for easing IBS symptoms.

Do you suffer from digestive issues such as bloating, gas, stomach pain or have any other IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) symptoms?

If you suffer from digestive issues, stomach pain or IBS then it’s usually best to focus on eating simple foods that are easy to digest.

By doing this, you will reduce (and often remove) the pain & symptoms that result from IBS and other digestive issues.

If you struggle with bloating, stomach pain, gas or any IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) symptoms after eating, then chances are that you are probably eating something that your body has a tough time digesting.

Some foods are more difficult to digest than others and so cutting a few of these foods out of your diet or simply preparing them in a different way may resolve your tummy issues once and for all.

♥ A little bit of my story

I’ve had my fair share of digestive & IBS issues – I won’t go into too many details because that could be very embarrassing for me, but I’ll just say that I’ve pretty much been through it all when it comes to IBS issues. I know that IBS & digestive disorders are not fun to deal with!

I’ve ended up in hospital twice and have had visits with multiple specialist doctors (which was very expensive) because of my digestive/ IBS issues – you can read more about it here

for the past few months I’ve struggled to eat foods that have not been “easily digestible”.
In this time, I have been forced to research foods that are easy to digest so that I can avoid issues like bloating, stomach cramps and intense tummy aches. IBS is not fun!

What foods are the easiest to digest?

The longer that any food is cooked, the easier it will be to digest. When I find myself feeling bloated and in pain from eating difficult to digest foods – I choose to eat a lot of butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato (peeled), mushrooms, banana, papyaya, avocado, eggs, lean fish and vegetable soups until I’m feeling better. These foods are all examples of foods that are easily digestible.

While trying to heal your tummy, it’s important to focus on eating easily digestible foods while remaining mindful of certain foods that can be difficult to digest and that can trigger IBS. Yesterday I wrote up a list of 10 difficult to digest foods that you might want to avoid until your stomach issues are sorted – check them out here!


The top 8 easiest-to-digest foods for IBS

1. Some fruit (fully ripe, peeled & seeds removed)

Certain fruits can be difficult to digest but these ones are the easiest to digest and are therefore the best to eat when you have an upset stomach.

-cantaloupe melon
-cooked apple and pear (peels and seeds removed)
-sugar-free applesauce
-blueberries are easier to digest than other berries

2. Some vegetables (fully cooked, peel & seeds removed)

-sweet potato & potato (no peel)
-butternut squash (no peel)
-carrots (peeled & cooked)

3. Some lean proteins

-fish (lean white fish)
-lean cuts of well cooked chicken (fat removed) – for example in stew or soup (chicken that is starting to fall apart)

4. Certain grains, nuts & seeds

-rolled oats (soaked, cooked or “overnight” oats)
-white rice (soaked or cooked)
-nuts (soaked or blended until smooth): almonds are the easiest to digest – then walnuts, pecans and cashew nuts
-seeds (soaked or sprouted) – think chia pudding or sprouted seeds

5. Some herbs & spices

-cayenne pepper
These spices & herbs are great cures for upset stomach’s & are delicious added to natural herbal teas, soups & stews – however, other spices (like curry spices) can cause an upset stomach.

6. Soups, broths & stews

Soups, broths and stews contain well cooked foods and are therefore easily digestible – perfect for IBS!

7. Smoothies (not too cold)

Smoothies containing soft simple fruits like banana, cantaloupe melon and papaya, or peeled fruits such as apples, pears and peaches are easy to digest and are easy to make.

If you struggle to digest smoothies (are having IBS symptoms), you might be drinking your smoothies too cold. Avoid very cold smoothies, slightly chilled (closer to room temperature) smoothies are more easily digested by the spleen in the body.

Avoid too many berries (with lots of seeds) and dairy products (yoghurt, milk, cream) in smoothies for less bloating and tummy pain.

8. Freshly pressed juices

Drinking freshly pressed juices is a great way to get vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies if your body struggles to digest them in their whole form.

However, avoid drinking too many sugary juices that are made from fruit only (these can be very high in calories which can cause weight gain) and avoid store bought pasteurised juices altogether (these contain little to no nutrients).

Try juicing veggies with fruit and invest in a good juicer that extracts as many nutrients as possible while wasting as little as possible!



Remember that it’s still important to get all of the nutrients that your body needs while dealing with IBS. Your body still needs healthy fats, good protein and healthy carbs for fuel! Focus on eating a well balanced diet as much as possible!

» Healthy fats that are generally easy to digest include avocado’s, smooth nut butters, cold-pressed oils, soaked or sprouted nuts & seeds and eggs.

» Healthy protein that’s easily digestible includes eggs, smooth nut butters, soaked or sprouted nuts & seeds, lean fish and well cooked chicken & meat in soups and stews.

» Healthy carbs that are easy to digest include the fruits, vegetables and grains listed above like banana, papaya, apple & pear (peeled), potato & sweet potato (peeled), butternut, pumpkin, mushroom, cooked carrots, rolled oats and white rice.

I hope that this helps you out!

Love from Liezl Jayne xo


Ps. I’ve also shared my favorite tummy healing soup recipe – it’s totally delicious and it’s the best sore stomach cure ever!

Every time I feel my tummy getting sore because of IBS issues, I cook up a big pot of this soup (which is totally yummy) and eat it for the next few meals until my stomach has settled.

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