About Liezl


Hi I’m Liezl! I started this blog to share the healthy recipes that I love to create in my kitchen, and it evolved into a way of me sharing the healthy lifestyle, diet and fitness tips that I’ve learned over the past. I’ve also shared (here on the blog and through my Ebooks) how I lost 40 pounds after struggling with my weight for years.


As a little girl, I was always sick (and I mean always… I had a lot of allergies and health issues to overcome as a young child) and so trying to live a healthier lifestyle and follow a healthier diet became really important to me. It wasn’t always easy (especially in the beginning), but I’ve learned so much about nutrition and healthy eating over the years.

After graduating high-school, I decided to become a Nutritional Therapist to broaden my knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating even more. I was also keen to know more about healthy dieting, because I struggled so much with my weight for years – no diet that I had tried in the past seemed to work for me, and I never saw results no matter how much I exercise I did. Finally after YEARS of struggling with my weight, I found a simple method (after tons of research and trial-and-error) that worked for me.

As my body began to change, so many friends and family members wanted to know exactly what I was doing to lose weight, and so I began to share my method and steps with them. The word started to get out about what I was doing, and I would get messages on Facebook and emails from women I didn’t even know who wanted my recipes, eating plans and workouts. Eventually I was emailing so many women with all of the info, eating plans and workouts that I decided to create my Ebooks.

I got really into writing my books, because I’m so passionate about helping women to lose weight and get the results that they want (because I know first hand what it’s like). I’m dedicated to sharing helpful information, easy to use eating plans, safe dieting methods and workouts that bring real results.


After spending more than a year and a half writing the books, I ended up finding a photographer and a designer (who I worked closely with – taking all the photos and designing together) to make the books look amazing and user-friendly. I’m so excited that the Ebooks are now available for download on my blog.


I created The Beautiful Body Guide because I felt like I wanted something like this to exist. There wasn’t anything out there that I’d come across at the time that really spoke to me as a young women trying to lose weight naturally.

I just wanted someone to give me the workouts, eating plan, recipes and the exact information that I needed to get the results that I wanted – so that’s what I created. I wanted something healthy, safe and effective – that was also affordable, easy-to-use and beautifully designed. And I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in the market place.

I’m currently giving away a Free copy of my 3 day eating plan (but won’t always be) – just sign up and you’ll receive it to your inbox to download.


In 2020, I released my new Ebook: Fast Weight-Loss Meal Prep For Women.


I’ve created this Ebook because meal prepping has helped me so much in my life. It’s helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the years by making it easier to make healthy food choices every single day, which allowed me to lose a lot of weight. Putting some time aside each week to meal prep has improved my health and life so much. It is an amazing tool that you can use to take control of your meals and weight, so that you can achieve your goals (even if you have a busy schedule during the week).

Meal prepping can be really helpful when it comes to losing weight because of one thing: energy. The science of weight loss comes down to something as simple as energy. In life, if you give away more energy than what you take, you’ll have less energy. The same basic principle applies to the relationship between us and the food we eat, where energy is known as something you may have heard of before: Calories!

I’ll tell you a truth that actually changed my life and approach to dieting: Losing weight is actually very simple. It’s not easy, but it is simple. Simple, because losing weight is actually a very straightforward process. It’s not easy, because we still have to put the effort in and practice discipline in our daily lives to get the results we want. But don’t be afraid of calories! Calories are not scary, they’re just energy. All food contains energy to give our bodies energy, which is why it’s necessary to eat.

Meal prepping has helped me to lose weight in the easiest way possible, because when I prep my meals ahead of time I don’t have to count calories! Meal prepping has saved my butt so many times (and made it smaller) because if I didn’t have time to prepare fresh meals daily, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals to get into better shape and stay healthy.

So if you’re like me and you don’t want to count every calorie you eat everyday, then take the action of calorie counting before the action of eating. Meal prep is the action before the action. It’s the action of preparing your ideal amount of daily calories in the form of your daily meals, before the action of eating your daily meals. Let me make that more simple: If you calculate the calories of all of your meals beforehand (say, once a week) for the entire week, then you don’t need to calculate any calories that you consume during the week.

And this Ebook will help you to take it a step further, to make it even easier for you so that you don’t EVER have to count calories. If you follow the full weekly meal prep plans in this Ebook, you don’t have to count any calories because I have already counted and calculated them for you. All you need to do is follow the recipes, prep them so they are ready to go, and grab your pre-prepped food at meal times.