Baked Egg & Vegetable Stir Fry

Baked Egg & Vegetable Stir Fry



This baked egg & vegetable stir fry is perfect for any meal of the day – breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

…and that’s why I love it so much! It contains good carbs, healthy fats & good protein and is therefore a good, nourishing meal.

It’s also a great way to sneak some veggies into breakfast or brunch!

Serve this easy dish for guests, for family, for friends, or just make it for yourself – it’s always a hit!

I hope that you love making it (and eating it) as much as I do! xo




-3 to 4 eggs
-1 medium red bell pepper
-1 cup sliced button mushrooms
-1 cup cherry tomatoes
-1 medium carrot
-1 cup zucchini slices (baby marrow)
-1 teaspoon Italian herbs (or a mix of
-sea salt
-cracked black pepper
-1 or 2 teaspoons cold-pressed oil (I like to use macadamia nut oil)

(serves 2-3)



For this recipe I like to use a frying pan that I can put into the oven (not all frying pans can be used in the oven) – if you do not have a pan that can go into the oven, you can first stir fry the vegetables in a pan and then transfer the cooked veggies into a glass dish, before baking them in the oven with the eggs

-preheat oven to 180 degree’s Celsius (360 F)
-slice the bell pepper and mushrooms
-peel the carrot and zucchini into ribbons using a vegetable peeler (or slice into very thin strips)
-halve the cherry tomatoes
-stir fry the vegetables with the oil, herbs, sea salt & cracked pepper over a medium-high heat until cooked
-once the vegetables are cooked, crack the eggs into the pan over the vegetables
-sprinkle with a little cracked black pepper (optional)
-place the pan into the preheated oven and bake for 8-15 minutes (depending on how runny you like your egg yolk)
-once cooked, remove pan from oven (take care not to burn your hands)
-serve the baked egg & veggie stir fry (using a spatula)
-eat, share & enjoy!

Made with love by Liezl Jayne xo