Chocolate, Cranberry & Oat Cluster Cookies (gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free)

Chocolate, Cranberry & Oat Cluster Cookies (gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free)


Chocolate, cranberry & oat cluster Christmas cookies

Is there anything better than a healthy Christmas cookie? Like seriously, is there?!

This cookie recipe has been one of my faves to make for the past few Christmases, because it’s really easy to make and really yummy – and it’s full of good nutrients too.

This recipe is 100% gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. It also contains whole carbs, good protein and some healthy fats too.

I hope you love it as much as I do, be sure to save some for Santa!

Liezl Jayne XO

This recipe is actually a “Christmas version” of my favorite oat & nut cluster cookie recipe.





-1 cup unsweetened nut butter (macadamia, almond, cashew or hazelnut)
-1 cup dry rolled oats
-2 eggs
-1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
-1/4 teaspoon ground vanilla powder (or vanilla extract)
-1 flat Tablespoon coconut oil (melted)
-6 Tablespoons pure coconut sugar or xylitol crystals
-1/2 cup dried cranberries
-1/3 cup chopped extra dark chocolate (or dark chocolate chips)
-pinch sea salt

(makes about 20 medium-large cookies)




-Preheat your oven to 180°C (360°F)
-Melt the coconut oil by pouring boiling water into a large bowl and a placing smaller bowl into the water, then place the coconut oil into the small bowl and wait for it to melt
-Mix the nut butter, dry oats, eggs, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt and coconut sugar (or xylitol crystals) together with the melted coconut oil in a bowl
-Add the dried cranberries and dark chocolate pieces, and mix the batter again
-Grease an oven tray with a little bit of coconut oil
-Spoon a heaped Tablespoon size of cookie batter at a time onto the greased tray
-Bake cookies at 180°C (360°F) for about 15 minutes (or 10-20 minutes)
-Once baked to your satisfaction, remove from the oven and let cool for a moment
-Eat fresh out of the oven with a glass of unsweetened almond milk (optional), or eat them on their own!
-Share and enjoy!

Made with love by Liezl Jayne xo


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