Easy Go-To Salad

Easy Go-To Salad



This is without doubt the easiest salad recipe – it’s also super healthy and delicious (I love the combination of ingredients) …and that is why it is my go-to salad. I make this salad ALL the time, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will see me posting a quick snapshot of my go-to lunch quite often!

This recipe is free from sugar, dairy, gluten, grains and any nasty ingredients. It’s simple, clean, refreshing and it will leave you feeling amazing – with sustained energy for hours. I promise!

I hope that you enjoy making my go-to salad as much as I do! xo


The ingredients below form the base for my go-to salad and sometimes I eat it simply just with those ingredients – but sometimes I like to spice it up (add more flavor, protein & healthy fats) with the optional ingredients that I’ve listed underneath the essential ingredients. Mix & match the ingredients and have fun creating your perfect “go-to” salad!

+ To add healthy fats add olive oil, avocado, walnuts or almonds.

+ To add good protein add almonds or walnuts.


-1 bell pepper (red, orange or yellow)
-1 cup chopped cucumber
-1 medium carrot
-1 cup cherry tomatoes
-1 big handful baby spinach
-a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
-sea salt
-cracked black pepper

Optional ingredients:

-a handful of fresh arugula
-1 teaspoon cold-pressed olive oil
-1/8 to cup raw almonds
-1/8 cup raw chopped walnuts
-1/4 avocado

(serves 1 or 2)



-rinse all the fresh ingredients

-roughly chop the baby spinach

-peel the cucumber and slice

-peel the carrot and then use the peeler to make carrot ribbons (you make the ribbons the same way that you peel the outer part of the carrot)

-halve the cherry tomatoes

-slice the bell pepper

-mix all the ingredients together in a bowl

-squeeze fresh lemon juice over the salad and sprinkle with sea salt & cracked black pepper

-drizzle with 1 teaspoon olive oil (optional)

-add raw almonds or walnuts (optional)

-toss, serve fresh, eat & enjoy every bite!

Made with love by Liezl Jayne xo


A simple, healthy go-to salad that you can make easily & enjoy on-the-go!