Frozen Citrus Skewers

Frozen Citrus Skewers

These frozen citrus skewers are the bomb!

These fruit kebabs make the perfect frozen summer treat… and they are absolutely healthy! Did I mention that they are also super easy to make? Yep, I told you – perfect.


Last week I was eating a grapefruit and I wondered what it would be like if the grapefruit was frozen, then I realised that I had never tried to freeze citrus before (I couldn’t believe it)… so I had to try it straight away! (I was very excited about it – I get quite excited about food sometimes)

So I sliced up a grapefruit and an orange, placed them in the freezer for an hour… and once they were frozen I tried the first piece – it was AMAZING! The texture of frozen citrus really does make the perfect frozen fruity treat. So the next day I got some skewer sticks, sliced up some more citrus, placed the citrus slices on the sticks and froze them. And voila… that is how these frozen citrus skewers were created.

I’m absolutely loving these at the moment (I’ve been munching on them all the time – I even had one for breakfast th other day), I hope you enjoy them too!

This recipe is naturally sugar, dairy, soy, grain & gluten free. It’s the summer treat that ticks all of the health boxes.

Make them and keep them for sweet treats, healthy snacks or a quick breakfast on a hot day (why not?) and serve them at a pool party on a sunny summer day for your guests. Kids love them too!


-2 large grapefruit (I like to use the ruby red ones because they are the sweetest)
-3 oranges

(makes 4 fruit skewers)


-peel the grapefruit and oranges with a sharp knife

-slice each grapefruit into rings horizontally (with the middle is facing up), then cut each ring into 3 pieces (if you are using a small grapefruit you may want to cut each ring into 2 pieces instead)

-slice the oranges into rings horizontally (with the middle facing up), then halve each ring

-slide a piece of grapefruit onto a skewer stick, then slide a piece of orange onto a skewer stick, then add another piece of each and continue until the skewer is full

-make another 3, or as many as you want (you’ll just need extra citrus fruit)

-place the slices on a piece of cling wrap that is covering a flat tray, and freeze for about an hour (or until frozen)

-serve frozen, share, eat & enjoy!

Made with love by Liezl Jayne xo