Honest Beauty Creme Blush Review

Honest Beauty Creme Blush Review

All about Honest Beauty Crème Blush + Review

Honest Beauty Crème Blush Review, how to use it and what to pair it with

I always prefer to use natural make-up and skincare products on my face and skin. I’ve tried many natural products over the years (some were good and some were not-so-good) – and so when I find a great one, I just want to tell everyone about it!

Honest Beauty Love

As soon as I heard about the Honest Beauty (Jessica Alba’s natural beauty line) launch of natural make-up and skincare products, I knew I had to get my hands on a couple of their products right away!

One of my first Honest Beauty purchases was the Honest Beauty Crème Blush in Truly Charming. I was lucky enough to be in LA for more than a month at the start of the year, and so I got to check out the first Honest Beauty store (a pop-up shop at The Grove in LA).

One of the first things that caught my eye in the shop, was the gorgeous display of Honest Beauty Crème Blush’s in various shades – and the Truly Charming shade caught my special attention. Its vibrant coral tone looks very “Jessica Alba” and honestly, it kind of makes me feel like I could almost be Jessica Alba for a moment when I wear it (what girl doesn’t want to feel like Jessica Alba for a moment?).


Cheeks + Lips

Honest Beauty Crème Blush can be used for cheeks and lips

The Honest Beauty Crème Blush is my favorite natural cream blush to use (if I’m not using a powder blush). It’s easiest applied gently with fingers or a brush to the cheeks – the Honest Beauty Buffing Brush can be used. As with any cream blush – the more product you apply, the bolder the look will be.

I also love using this Crème Blush on my lips, in place of lipstick. When I use this Crème Blush on my lips, I’ll usually pair it with either Honest Beauty Magic Balm (used as a lip balm, for a more casual look) or Honest Beauty Lip Gloss (in a shade that matches the shade of Crème Blush used, for a more put-together look).


I love pairing the Honest Beauty Crème Blush in Truly Charming with the Honest Beauty Lip Gloss in Kind Kiss. I also love pairing the Honest Beauty Crème Blush in Truly Exciting with the Honest Beauty Lip Gloss in Generous Kiss. These shades of blush and gloss go really well together!


Best Shades To Get

The Honest Beauty Crème Blush shade that I use most is Truly Charming – it’s got a coral tone to it, which I love (it screams classic Jessica Alba in a good way).

I also love Truly Flirting and Truly Thrilling (for a more classic pink shade) and Truly Exciting (for a more classic neutral shade).


Really love this Honest Beauty Crème Blush, it’s def worth a try!

Liezl Jayne xo

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Photos by Liezl Jayne Strydom for liezljayne.com