My 3 Minute Escape from Anxiety!

My 3 Minute Escape from Anxiety!


I’ve got something a little different for you today.. I wrote a song to help myself escape from anxiety, and I thought I’d upload it (and hopefully it can help a few of you to escape for a little bit too).

This song is called JET PLANE, and it’s about escaping from anxiety, depression and pain to “a happy place” – or about imagining escaping to that happy place with someone that you miss.

It’s about choosing to see your life (or your current view) through a new perspective, even when that is not your current reality. Imagine you are up in a jet plane traveling over a city, you look out of the window and suddenly you realise how small we all are, and how small all of our daily problems actually are. When you look at your life from those Nasa type sights, you see every aspect of your life through new lenses (from a new perspective) – and you know that somehow you will be alright.

I wrote this song when I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and the pain from losing my dad this year. I wrote it when I was missing my family (since moving to LA in 2018.. and now since all flights have been cancelled).. and when I wished I could literally get on a “jet plane” to go and see them. This song feels like an escape to me.. by the time I have finished listening to it, I feel like I know that somehow I will be okay – so I wanted to share it with you.

My song JET PLANE is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, iTunes & everywhere else that you listen to music!

I wrote the song, and my husband Rob Jonathan produced it for me.

Search “LIEZL JET PLANE” and you will find it wherever you listen to music.. and escape for 3 minutes 💛

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You can listen on Soundcloud below, but it always helps the artist most if you stream on Spotify! 🙂

I wrote the song, and my husband Rob Jonathan produced it for me.. and I painted the cover art to go with it.. the painting hangs in my bedroom!

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Hope you enjoy! Liezl XO