My Daily Weight-Loss Routine + Easy Ways to Lose Weight

My Daily Weight-Loss Routine + Easy Ways to Lose Weight


Easy little habits for sustainable weight-loss

Hey guys! I’ve just shared my daily weight-loss routine over on my YouTube channel for you.

In this video, I’m sharing 7 little habits (that may sound like a lot, but you don’t have to do all of them) that can help you to get healthier, lose weight and get into better shape. This little habits are just simple things that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

This video is a bit on the longer side, I edited it as much as possible (to make it as short as possible) – but I felt that there was a lot that I wanted to share in this one. I will try my best to keep videos shorter for you guys in the future! But you will notice that I added the times for when each new habit starts in the video (this way you can skip forward to the next one if you want to).

Anyway, I hope that you find it helpful! Liezl Jayne XO

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