Grilled Grapefruit

Grilled Grapefruit


Sticky, sweet & sour grilled grapefruit halves that are perfectly caramelized, tangy and full of exotic flavor.

A healthy choice for a delicious treat, dessert, breakfast or even lunch.



-1 ruby grapefruit

-1 teaspoon raw honey

-1 teaspoon cold-pressed macadamia nut oil

-sprinkle cinnamon

-sprinkle raw ground vanilla


-slice grapefruit in half (and cut around the segment edges but leave in the peel)

-add macadamia nut oil to pan (at a low to medium heat) and let melt

-sprinkle cinnamon and raw vanilla over the grapefruit

-place grapefruit halves face down into pan and grill for 2-5 minutes

-add honey the pan by placing it under the grapefruit halves (this will start to caramelize quickly)

-grill under caramelized to your satisfaction

-serve warm and eat out of the grapefruit peel with a small teaspoon or a grapefruit spoon