Grilled Avocado Eggs

Grilled Avocado Eggs


If you have never grilled an egg inside half an avocado, then you should try it right now.

Ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You can eat these little grilled delights right out of the avocado shell with a spoon while you enjoy the slightly crisped top, the warm avocado base and the runny yolk center.


-1 large avocado (middle needs to be big enough to hold the egg)
-2 eggs
-sea salt
-cracked pepper


-cut your large avocado in half and remove pip

-crack an egg into the middle

-sprinkle with sea salt and cracked pepper

-place under medium to hot grill covered for 5 minutes (to cook inside of egg)

-remove cover and grill openly until grilled-to-perfection.

-serve hot

Pimp it:

-serve your grilled avocado eggs with a homemade tomato & onion relish!