Honest Beauty Free Trial Review

Honest Beauty Free Trial Review

Honest Beauty Free Trial + Review

Should you give the Honest Beauty free trial a go? Here’s what you need to know

Honest Beauty is the new natural skincare and make-up company on the block. It’s part of The Honest Company (famously co-founded by Jessica Alba).

I’ve tried some of The Honest Company products before, and absolutely love what this company has to offer – safe, natural products that actually work. And – they do actually work.

So, I was super excited when I found out that The Honest Company was launching Honest Beauty, their natural skincare and makeup line. I also love Jessica Alba (who doesn’t?).

Tried and tested + An honest review

I dislike purchasing a product that I don’t enjoy (or that doesn’t work), just as much as anyone else – no one loves the feeling of buyers remorse!

I’ve tried plenty of natural beauty and skincare products over the years, and to be honest, I’ve been disappointed with so many natural products more times than I’ve been happy – a lot of natural products out there don’t work very well, unfortunately.

Straight after receiving my free Honest Beauty trial in the mail, I gave all of the products a try.


What do you get with the trial?

With their free trial, you’ll get: Honest Beauty Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer (sample size), Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser (sample size), and Honest Beauty Beyond Protected Daily Beauty Fluid (sample size). You also get a cute little vegan leather beauty bag – I love mine!

My first impression of the products (before I even tried them) was the gorgeous packaging and design. Everything from the box that your free trial comes in, to the design of the packaging of each product is simply beautiful.

Everything at Honest Beauty is well designed – simple and beautiful.

After trying the free trial products, I was pleasantly surprised – the products feel good on your skin and leave your skin feeling good afterwards.

To be honest: The fragrances of the moisturizers at Honest Beauty are not my fave, BUT they not at all bad (this is just my personal preference, I have friends who love the fragrances). AND, I actually still prefer using The Honest Beauty moistrizers over the other ones in my collection at home – they make your skin feel great. They are light and hydrating, but not greasy.

I really love the Honest Beauty Refreshingly Gel Cleanser – this is now my favorite cleanser. I’ve also tried The Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Powder Cleanser (nice to use when travelling), but I prefer the gel cleanser.

I also love the Beyond Protected Daily Beauty Fluid – it feels light and good on the skin. I still use this product most days.

I purchased the full sized versions all of these products after the trial, using the bundle, and I use them often. I was very happy with the trial, and am always happy with every bundle that I order.

A Free Trial For 7 Days

To sign up for The Honest Beauty free trial – you can just head up to their website, sign up with your email and enter your credit card details. The trial is only free for 7 days, after 7 days your credit card will be billed $50 for their bundle.

“Why $50?”, you may be wondering – $50 might sound like a lot initially, but when you realise what you get for it, it’s not a lot.

With their bundle (for $50), you will get sent any 3 products of your choosing from their range – any 3 products you like!

If you don’t customise your bundle on their site (which is really easy to do, btw), then you will get sent larger versions of the trial (sample) products that you got sent.

With their standard bundle, you’ll get: Honest Beauty Even Brighter Everyday Moisturizer (30 ml), Honest Beauty Refreshingly Clean Gel Cleanser (150 ml), and Honest Beauty Beyond Protected Daily Beauty Fluid (45 ml).

If you look on their website and check the prices of these 3 items, you’ll notice that the total (for these 3 products) comes to $80 – so you are actually saving $30 by getting the bundle.

Once you are receiving their bundle, you will be billed every month and will be sent your 3 products.

You can customise your bundle however you like, and can choose to receive it every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks.

Additionally, you can also choose to order up to another 5 products at 25% off. It’s a steal!

Take note: If you don’t cancel your free trial within 7 days, your credit card will be billed $50 and you’ll be sent their standard bundle (that includes a full sized version of the 3 products that you got sent with the trial).

To try or not to try?

If you are feeling unsure as to whether you’d like to give this whole Honest Beauty free trial a go, I’d say just give it a go!

There’s really nothing to lose, the Honest Beauty products are all great – but if you don’t enjoy using them, then you can always cancel your Honest Beauty subscription before 7 days is up.

Liezl Jayne xo

Photo by Liezl Jayne Strydom for liezljayne.com