How To Rock an Oversized Sweater – Look Skinny and Chic

How To Rock an Oversized Sweater – Look Skinny and Chic

The oversized sweater is the new winter staple

Wearing an oversized sweater is the easiest way to look skinny and chic this winter

Styling a giant oversized sweater (or jacket or T-shirt) is one of the biggest trends this season (think Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner) – but the look can be difficult to pull off if you don’t do it right.

However, there are a few basic rules and simple tricks that you can follow to always look on-point.

In this post, I’ll be sharing how to easily rock the oversized sweater look while still looking slim and effortlessly chic. 



The skinny illusion

Rocking the oversized sweater is the easiest way to hide any “problem areas” that you may want to cover up this winter – and it’s the easiest way to look skinny and chic with minimal effort.

Oversized sweater + Skinny pants

It’s all about the proportions

The most important rule to rocking an oversized sweater is to keep your pants skinny (leggings or skinny jeans) – this will create a slimmer silhouette.

Play with your proportions to balance the outfit – for example, pairing an oversized sweater and a big bag with tight pants and a slender style heel will be most flattering.

However – if you have an oversized sweater, a big bag, baggy pants and chunky flat shoes, you will likely look bulky and larger than what you are.



Chic accessories

It’s the accessories that will make or break your sweater and jeans combo

The accessories you choose to wear with your oversized sweater and skinny pants will make or break the outfit.

If you go for shoes or a bag that are too casual, you may end up looking scruffy – but you can easily create that “well put together” look by pairing your sweater and jeans combo with a classic statement bag and heels. Throw a statement handbag over your arm and you’ll always look effortlessly chic!

You can also brighten your entire look with bold colored accessories (bag and shoes) – this can be awesome, especially if the rest of your outfit is made up of mostly neutral shades.

A nice statement necklace or a pair of big earrings can also add to the outfit (if the neckline of the sweater is low), but avoid very chunky jewellery to avoid looking bulkier than what you are (bulky jewellery and an oversized sweater together might not work).



 Skinny jeans are essential

Skinny jeans or leggings will balance out your oversized sweater and make you look slimmer

 If you wear baggy or loose fitting pants with an oversized sweater, you might look larger than what you actually are – while opting for a skinny pair of jeans or leggings will keep your legs looking slim.

Choosing to wear a dark shade of pants will create an even slimmer illusion (especially in contrast to the baggy sweater), and your legs with look thinner than ever!

Heels + statement bag

Heels will add length to your legs, and a statement bag will make the outfit next level chic

Throwing on a pair of heels with your outfit will literally take the skinny-leg-situation we are creating over here to the next level (ie. your legs will never have looked better).

AND (yes it gets even better) – if you choose a slender heel style in a nude shade (or a color close to your skin tone – think light pink, yellow, mocha or brown), you’ll have achieved the ultimate goal: LEGS FOR DAYS.

“Legs for days” means one thing: long, thin and slender legs. You’re welcome girl!

However – if you wear flat shoes or sneakers with a big oversized sweater, you may appear shorter and bulkier than what you really are.


Top tips to get the look

Top tips for rocking the oversized sweater

 • A simple oversized sweater is the statement piece of this outfit, invest in a simple design that will stay current

• Try starting out with a classic sweater in a simple shade of grey, charcoal, nude or beige

• Wearing your oversized sweater with skinny jeans or leggings will make you look slimmer

• Never wear baggy jeans or pants with a baggy sweater (not flattering)

• Keep your skinny jeans or leggings dark blue or black to make your legs look thinner

• Balance out your outfit with a pair of heels to give yourself that “legs for days” look

• Nude heels (or a color close to your skin tone – light pink, yellow, mocha, brown) will lengthen your legs

• Play with proportions to balance the outfit (oversized sweater and big bag vs. slender heels and tight pants)

• Throw a statement handbag over your arm and you’ll always look effortlessly chic

• Brighten your look with bold colored accessories (bag and shoes)

• A statement necklace or big earrings can add to the outfit if the neckline of the sweater is low

• Rocking an oversized sweater is the easiest way to look skinny and chic with minimal effort

• Casual with a splash-of-chic is the ultimate way to wear the oversized sweater this season


What I’m wearing

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