Skinny Chocolate Smoothie (sugar-free, dairy-free)

Skinny Chocolate Smoothie (sugar-free, dairy-free)

The Skinny Chocolate Smoothie

This skinny chocolate smoothie will give you that little chocolate fix in the healthiest way

This is possibly the best chocolate smoothie recipe ever – which is why I love it so much. It’s great for mornings when you need a little chocolate fix, but still need a nutritious breakfast. This chocolate recipe is conveniently low in calories (good for weight-loss), and full of healthy nutrients!

I’m obsessed with chocolate (who isn’t?), and so I really wanted to create a creamy chocolate smoothie that was totally healthy, that didn’t require any dairy (because I’m allergic to dairy) – and that was even okay to drink if I was trying to lose weight (I’ve lost 40 Lbs!).

To make my smoothie recipes creamy without dairy, I often use avocado – this might seem strange if you’ve never tried it, but it’s amazing. Avocado adds essential healthy fats and makes it super creamy.

This recipe contains good carbs (from the banana), healthy fats (from the avocado) and good protein (from the optional nut butter) – so it’s a well balanced breakfast smoothie! Cacao (raw cocoa) contains powerful antioxidants that are so good for you!

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-2 to 4 teaspoons cacao powder (raw cocoa)
-1 medium banana
-1/3 medium avocado
-pinch cinnamon & vanilla
-1/2 cup water (or as needed)
-ice to taste
-optional: 1 Tablespoon nut butter (almond or cashew)
-optional: 1 teaspoon 100% pure maple syrup (if needed)


-Blend all ingredients together until smooth
-Serve chilled & enjoy!

Made with love by Liezl Jayne xo

Calorie breakdown

+1 medium banana = 100 cal
+1/3 medium avocado = 100 cal

Calorie total per serving: roughly 200 calories

+ Add Protein (1 Tbs almond/ cashew nut butter) = 100 calories

Calorie total (+protein): roughly 300 calories


Photos by Ross Charnock for – Styled by Liezl Jayne Strydom