Top 10 Mindsets Of Mega Babes (Number 7 Will Surprise You)

Top 10 Mindsets Of Mega Babes (Number 7 Will Surprise You)

That babe is a mega babe

Have you ever seen a girl or women that just seems to have it all, or have it all together? She’s constantly radiating confidence, seems so put together all the time (like she has life all figured out), and is totally loving life – and you’re like “Who is she? How is she so freaking awesome all the time?”

In this post, I’ll be sharing the top 10 mindsets of total mega babes – this post is just for fun, but the points are totally legit and true. There are definitely some reasons why the it girls seem to shine, and right now I’ll be sharing them with you (so that you can be the “it girl” leading lady of your own life).

This post is actually an extract from my book (page 120) – but I really wanted to share it here on the blog today.

Liezl Jayne xo


1. Mega babes practice self love

All mega babes know that it’s important for them to try to love themselves unconditionally no matter what – cause inner confidence and inner love are always the most beautiful things that reflect outwards. Sometimes we have to just remember to let go when we feel like our arms, thighs or waists aren’t “quite thin enough”.

The truth is that no one will ever be pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough or ready enough for anything – what is the standard anyway? No one actually knows. Mega babes know that sometimes they have to let go of the things that they’ve been holding onto – it’s all about practicing unconditional love. Many women in the western world struggle with low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth. Today we are faced with examples of what beauty is meant to look like wherever we turn – in magazines, on tv, in movies, in adverts, on social media platforms and almost every media outlet. It can sometimes feel difficult to love ourselves when we are constantly comparing ourselves to others.

While it’s always good to strive to be better, healthier and happier – we, as women, have to accept that we were born the way that we were for a reason. Every single woman in this world is unique and so there is no point trying to be someone else. Mega babes focus on being the best versions of themselves – THEIR most beautiful selves.

2. Mega babes know that inner beauty is the ultimate kind of beauty

It is always important to keep in mind that becoming your most beautiful self is just as much about inner beauty as it is about outer beauty. Having inner beauty is about being a kind and loving person. Inner beauty is what gives a woman that special sparkle in her eye and an energy that can radiate in a room – it’s something that makes her stand out in a crowd. Remember that “True beauty radiates with love, sparkles with joy and sprinkles kindness wherever it goes.”

3. Mega babes know how to practice tough love

All true mega babes know that they’ve got to work for what they want, and sometimes that means working hard towards goals and following through with those goals (even when they don’t feel like it). Sometimes practicing a little “tough love” is very important – like when a mega babe says “no” to dessert because she wants to reach her body goals, or when she gets up 30 minutes earlier each morning for a workout so that she can feel totally fabulous in her little black dress (and her skinny jeans).


 4. Mega babes know that healthy is the new sexy

All mega babes know that living a healthy lifestyle is new sexy, cause being sexy is all about taking care of ourselves. Taking care of our bodies makes us totally, unarguably sexy. When we eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, drink enough water and get enough sleep then we become our sexiest selves ever.

5. Mega babes know that fit, healthy and strong is the new skinny

All gorgeous, beautiful mega babes (that’s us) know that being fit, strong and healthy is SO much more beautiful than trying to be as thin as a rake. Instead of focusing on being as thin as we can possibly be, we should instead focus on our good health, fitness levels and strength (mentally and physically). When we focus our energy on positive things (such as becoming healthier, stronger and fitter) then we become our most beautiful selves ever.


6. Mega babes know how to get their endorphin fix from exercise

We all know that chocolate releases endorphins – but so does exercise. All mega babes know that having chocolate binges when they feel sad is SO last decade (because food binges generally lead to self loathing, and that’s not what mega babes are about). When mega babes feel down they grab their running shoes and do their 16 minute workout challenge instead of going on a chocolate binge… BUT, for all the diehard chocaholics out there…

7. Mega babes know that healthy chocolate is the new chocolate on the block

Mega babes know that regular chocolate is “so last season”, they also know that real chocolate (aka pure, healthy chocolate) offers many health and beauty benefits. Mega babes know how to get their chocolate fix when they need it – this may include using raw cocoa to make healthy chocolate smoothies, healthy chocolate oatmeal and healthy chocolate.

The truth is that raw, unprocessed chocolate promotes glowing skin and healthy bodies – while regular, processed chocolate may lead to bad skin and sugar crashes (not fun).

Try my fave 3 ingredient healthy weight-loss chocolate recipe on the blog!


8. Mega babes know that gratitude is the best medicine

It can be so easy to forget to be grateful, our lives these days can be so hectic. Things can get overwhelming at times and we may forget what is really important in life. Getting caught up in the busyness and chaos of life can often lead to us feeling overwhelmed, under pressure and sorry for ourselves.

BUT – all mega babes know that there is always SO much to be grateful for. When you start to feel overwhelmed just slow down for a minute, put down your phone, unplug the laptop and focus on something that you are grateful for. Just take a moment to smell the roses and practice gratitude.

9. Mega babes know that eating a healthier diet gives them that radiant sparkle, and that special edge

All mega babes know that a healthy diet is the key to a healthy, thriving beautiful body and a happy, healthy mind. When we eat a diet made up of highly processed foods that offers little nutritional value, then we usually won’t feel our best and often won’t look our best. But – when we eat healthy, whole foods we are allowing our bodies to function at its absolute BEST – therefore we usually feel healthier and happier physically, emotionally and mentally.


10. Mega babes use past failure to encourage future success

It can be easy to feel dejected when we fail at something, but all mega babes know that they can learn from any past failure to create future success! It never feels good to fail at something (especially if we have worked hard towards something and have failed), and after a setback we may want to give up – but it’s important to remember that all past failures teach us important lessons. Mega babes learn from their mistakes and try again, using their failures to make them a better person. Remember to try and try again until you reach success!


 Photos by Ross Charnock for – Styled by Liezl Jayne Strydom