Vegan Quinoa & Millet Sushi

Vegan Quinoa & Millet Sushi



Vegan Quinoa and Millet Sushi!

Delicious quinoa & millet sushi rolls (a healthy twist on regular rice sushi) filled with sweet potato ribbons, avocado slices, apple & red pepper.

I love sushi but I find that regular rice sushi can get quite boring sometimes (and I’m not sure how healthy sticky white rice is anyway), so I started to experiment with using other grains instead of rice. I decided to use quinoa because it is amazing (it might be my favorite grain) and I’ve seen other people use it to make sushi. After trying quinoa sushi, I found that the quinoa didn’t stick well (like white rice) so I decided to mix the quinoa with millet grains (to make it “stickier”) – and I was really happy with the result! I’ve been LOVING this quinoa & millet sushi lately… and this recipe contains my favorite vegan sushi filling combination.

An easy, step-by-step recipe that is vegan & gluten-free.

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Ingredients (sushi rolls):

-1 cup quinoa grains
-1 cup millet grains
-4 to 4.5 cups of water
-6 to 8 nori sheets

Ingredients (sushi fillings):

-1 large sweet potato (I like to use orange sweet potatoes for the great color and flavor)
-1 apple (I like to use Pink Lady apples)
-1/2 large red bell pepper
-1 avocado
-1 teaspoon cold-pressed macadamia nut oil (or another oil good for cooking)
-pinch of sea salt


Instructions (fillings):

-remove the skin from the sweet potato with a potato peeler and then continue to peel sweet potato to make long, thin ribbons with the peeler

-lightly sautee the sweet potato ribbons in a pan with the macadamia nut oil and a pinch of sea salt over a medium-high heat

-cut the red bell pepper into long, thin strips

-remove the pit and peel from the avocado and slice into long, thin strips

-core the apple and and cut into long, thin strips

Instructions (sushi rolls):

-rinse the quinoa thoroughly with cold running water using a fine sieve
-add the millet and rinsed quinoa grains to a pot with 4.5 cups water and bring water to a boil
-once the water has started boiling, turn the temperature down to a low heat and simmer the grains for 15 minutes (do not stir)
-once cooked, remove the pot from stove and place the grains on a plate
-press the grains down onto the plate
-place the plate in the fridge until the quinoa and millet grains have cooled
-place a nori sheet on a makisu (bamboo sushi mat)
-divide the grain mix between 6 to 8 portions
-add a portion of the quinoa & millet mix to the nori sheet and spread it over the entire sheet, leaving a 5cm gap open at the top of the nori sheet (it should be evenly spread with no open holes)
-pat the grains flat onto the nori sheet
-add fillings: make a thin line of sweet potato ribbons on the side of the sheet that is covered with the grains, then do the same with the avocado slices, red bell pepper slices and apple strips
-roll the makisu mat into a long roll by folding the bottom third in, then rolling it up (to make a tube)
-squeeze the mat tightly as you go so that the sushi sticks together
-once rolled, remove the sushi roll from the mat
-cut the roll into equal sized rings by using a sharp chefs knife and dipping the knife into warm water before each slice
-serve sushi rolls with soy sauce & enjoy!